Sunday, November 23, 2014

There is Nothing Like It

Most of the time when I play games with my girls, they run around. They often run from me because I tickle them so much. But, when they get tired, they eventually run back to get a hug or a kiss on the forehead. Once they get their attention, in a blink of an eye, they are energized and off to the races again. I believe that I have one of the greatest responsibilities in the world and that is raising two girls. There is absolutely nothing like it in this world. I will help set the standard and the foundation for what they look for in male relationships and I will be the true north that they search for when life's troubles arise. I always tell my girls' even at this early age that daddy loves them and that they can achieve anything. By doing this, I am giving them the love and affirmation that they need. So when they are older, they will not search for it in the streets or at other places. I kiss them to give them positive physical interaction, to let them know that love should never hurt, or be contingent upon what they do and what they don't do. I am establishing the fact that love is unconditional.

I often hold doors open for them and I try my hardest to never speak something and not back it up. By doing these things, this will be the standard that they look for when they are searching for a male companion. If a man shows signs like honestly and integrity on a consistent basis then most likely those attributes will continue in whatever relationship he is in. Notice, however, I said on a consistent basis. Being a man, I understand the male psyche, so consistency here is the "key" word. I do it day after day and minute after minute. I open car doors whether it is raining or snowing or if a subtle breeze is blowing through the trees. If I tell either of my girls we will have fruit after dinner, we will have fruit, even if I have to go pick it myself. If I stand by my words and actions they will choose people in their lives who do the same.

Lastly, I always tell my girls to look me in the eyes and to speak clearly and distinctly, and to never be meek.  If you have something to say, whether it is good or bad, say it. Do not hold back what you are thinking or let someone else bridle your tongue. You have a voice and it is worth hearing.
In general, people will respect you more when you have eye contact and engage them in a strong decisive manner. The probability of you being talked to in a disrespectful way or being treated in an inappropriate manner, goes down significantly when they have respect for you and who you are.

Being a father is not a job or a chore, but the greatest assignment that I can ever partake, and there is nothing like it!

Thanks to my wonderful husband and father of my kids for being my guest blogger! Please show some love below by chiming in with your comments!

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