Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby First TV Theme Birthday Party!

I had the privilege of helping my sister Renata decorate her daughter, my niece first birthday party.  When she first told me about her vision of a Baby First TV theme for little Reagan's birthday party, I immediately fell in love with her idea and told her I wanted her to give me all the details of how she created such a unique birthday party. I asked her to be a guest on my blog, to share with all of you, every detail in creating a Baby's First TV Birthday Party.

Brett (me):  How did you come up with the Baby First TV theme for Reagan's first birthday?

Renata: Regan loves baby first TV, she loves the Hide and Seek show on Baby First TV. She loves the acorn song on Hide and Seek. When she hears that song, she claps and has the biggest smile on her face.

Brett:  Where did you get your ideas for the party from?

Renata:  I got a lot my ideas from pinterest, and I got the colors for the party from the TV Show, Rainbow Horse.

Brett: How did you plan your party on a budget?

Renata: I didn't use party supplies that had the baby first TV logos on them.  I used the rainbow colors of the show as a guide in purchasing items like cups, plates, party streamers, and centerpieces.  I shopped at Dollar General and got a lot of their summer clearance items that were marked down, and I used a lot of decorations that I already had and incorporated them into this theme.

Brett:  What is some advice you can give parents who are thinking about having a Baby First Theme Birthday party?

Renata:  There were not many ideas on the Baby First TV website, so I searched the web and found inspiration from sites like Pinterest, You-tube, and Etsy.  Also, start early and set a budget.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on a birthday party for it to be memorable.

Brett: Thanks Renata, for sharing such a creative and colorful party with us.  Check out the pictures below!

This is the Baby First TV logo.  Renata got a lot of her colors and the inspiration for Reagan's cake from this logo.

 Full view of the table.  The table was decorated using rainbow colors from Baby First TV Rainbow Horse character.

Rainbow Horse Fruit Tray consisted of strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and mini marshmallows at the end.

Lil Bennie's art paintbrushes were inspired by a pin Renata found on pinterest.  She used the Rice Krispy treat recipe and let them cool for 25 minutes.  After they cooled, she poured some of the Candy Melt Wafers into a bowl and microwaved them until they melted.  Once they melted, she dipped the popsicle sticks half way unto the candy and stuck them inside of the rice krispy treats, and let them cool for 15 minutes.  While they were cooling, she took out six bowls and separated the candy melts by color and heated them in the microwave until they melted.  On wax paper, she painted the rice krispy treats on both sides with a spoon using the melted candy wafers.  Renata found this recipe from this Youtube video!

This vase centerpiece was made using red, yellow, orange, and green skittles, it was inspired by a pin she found on Pinterest.  The Baby first cut outs were found on the BabyFirstTV website, and were printed on card stock.  After they were printed, they were taped on Kabobs and placed inside the centerpieces.
The plates, cups, and napkins were rainbow colored.
The Staircase was decorated with red and pink flower balls. In between the flower balls was party streamers that were wrapped around the staircase post. 
The cake was inspired by the Baby First TV blossom logo
Reagan's smash cake was also inspired by the Baby First TV blossom logo.
The cable also had the rainbow colored gift bags on display.
Little Regan was a doll in her Birthday Tutu and Birthday Headband by Mud Pie.
Let's just say that little Reagan was not shy when it came to smashing her Smash Cake!
I give this party an A+ for creativity, color, and charm! Thanks Renata for sharing! What did you like about the party? Chime in by leaving your comments!



  1. I have been looking for this theme Baby First for my grandson, he so love this program. You have provided such an great party idea for Baby First and I love the cake. Kudos for Adorable Garments

    1. Thanks:) Renata had an excellent vision, I never thought about A baby first TV party. Happy to see her vision come to reality 💓

  2. I had the vision and you brought it to life!! Thanks sis for helping me make Reagan's first Birthday a success!! You are truly creative!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your witty ideas! Those rice Krispy treat delights were so good!! 💓

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