Monday, December 15, 2014

The Lady behind the Christmas B.H.H Award (my mom) !

Last week I posted Christmas decoration pictures of my sister Renata's lovely home.  She did such an amazing job with her Christmas display that she was awarded the B.H.H (my mom's initials) award for her creativity.  If you did not read the post or see the beautiful pictures click here.  The award is pretty much bragging rights of having the best Christmas display in the family.  I named it the B.H.H Award because my mother has set a very high standard in decking the halls for Christmas.  My sisters and I do not have to shop for Christmas decorations because my mother has a plethora of Christmas decorations stored in boxes, on shelves, in the attic, etc.  If you name it, she probably has it!

Well this weekend, my family and I visited my parent's home to take Christmas pictures for our Christmas cards and boy can I tell you the Halls were definitely decked! My mom never ceases to amaze me!  Her home was immaculate, there were Christmas displays in every room!  My little ones was so impressed at the decorations, they were running and pointing at every shiny, sparkly, and silver decorative detail.  I couldn't blame them because I was mesmerized myself, we definitely had many options to choose from when choosing a back drop for our Christmas pictures.  We also had  fun spending time with my parents and watching them spoil their grandchildren. It's moments like these that brings out the true meaning of Christmas, Faith, Family, and Fun! Check out some of the  moments I captured this weekend!

 Introducing to some Presenting to others....My mom! The Lady behind the Christmas B.H.H Award!

  My mother and I her to pieces!
 My mother purchased these ornaments from her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel! If you read my blog about my Mom's favorite things party, you will know that it's her favorite restaurant.  If you didn't read it, click here 
 I love these red cardinal mini pillow ornaments!
 I love this dining room table because this is the same dining room table that my brother and sisters spent many Christmas dinners at.  We eat as a family every Christmas around this table!  I love the Red and Green Poinsettia Centerpiece! 

 These green glasses were given to my mother by her grandmother (my great-grandmother)
The china buffet table was decked out in the dining room as well!
 Another cute centerpiece in the Hallway!
 The kitchen table had a festive Red flower centerpiece with red berries
 Up close picture of the kitchen table this!
 The fireplace was decked out with tall festive plastic Christmas trees and decorative gift boxes!
Up close picture of the festive trees! I moved some of my mother's decorations to the fireplace for the scenery of my Christmas card photos:) 
 These festive boxes twinkled with bright lights inside!
 There is nothing like a Fireplace during cold weather days!

 I had so much fun spending time with my parents and watching them make memories with their grandchildren:)

My girls were so intrigued by all of the festive decorations, especially these frosty the snowman stuff animals! In true grandmother form, my mom gave them these frosty the snowmen:)
What is the Holiday Season without Christmas music! My daughter loved the song that was playing so she had to cut a rug with her grandpa!
My dad had to school my daughter on some dance moves!
This was definitely a priceless moment, seeing my dad dance with his granddaughter:) She was having a blast!
My dad is an excellent dancer, he did these same moves with me during my wedding reception! I love him to pieces:)

 There is nothing like family! Moments that take your breath away.....LOVE!
 Merry Christmas from my Mom and Dad!
I hope you now understand why receiving the B.H.H Award is such an accomplishment! I love my family and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents!  What is your favorite B.H.H. Christmas Decorative Detail? Chime in below! 


  1. Beautiful memories being made! I love how mom always incorporates the true meaning of Christmas in her decor and that's Christ! (my favorite part) Oh and Addys Christmas hair beads:)

    1. I agree, He's the true meaning! Yes, Addy beads are quite festive lol!


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