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Anybody who really knows me, know that I love to plan parties.  Before I got married, heck, before I met my husband, I already knew what my theme would be.  I am a lover of musicals, from Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, to Annie and even School Daze, any movie or play with a song in it, has me mesmorized by the first song.  My sisters and I are preacher daughters, so our parents were super strict on what we watched on TV; so BET, MTV, and VH1 were stations we were not allowed to watch.  So to entertain ourselves, we would watch musicals and memorize the songs and dances. Even now in my adulthood, when I see a Musical it takes me back to the simpler days of my childhood singing and dancing with my sisters.  So it was no surprise to my family, when they found out that my wedding theme was DREAMGIRLS! When I saw the movie Dreamgirls, it was love at first sight.  The glitz the glamour, the music, and the style was so captivating in the movie that I became a girl obsessed.  I bought the movie soundtrack, the DVD, I saw the play, I was head over heels lol.  I knew I wanted to incoporate Dreamgirls into my wedding, so when my then boyfriend told me I was his Dreamgirl, it was like the Heavens above confirmed what I envisioned and my insanity over Dreamgirls became sane.  My Dream wedding came to reality on August 15, 2009.  I was so happy to see my vision come to reality.  It was everything that I would hope it to be, from the ceremony to the reception, everything was unique and special to my heart.  I made sure that my wedding wasn't filled too much with Dreamgirls where the importance of the day was diminished.  Here are some pictures from my Dreamgirl themed wedding.
These are the wedding Playbills.  Inside was bios of the wedding party with a brief discription of how the bridesmaid or groomsmen know the bride or groom.

Inside of the church where the ceremony took place.  I didn't want the church to look too theaterish, so I kept the ceremony elegant with tulle draped from light to light on the ceiling.  Dicsco balls which served as my kissing balls were placed on outside of the pews.  Candles were lit across the choir stand. 

These tamborines were given to our wedding guest when entering the church for the ceremony.  They were instructed on the playbill (wedding program) to play their tamborines when we were annouced husband and wife.

We couldn't find a Classic Cadillac, so we settled on a vintage/classic Rolls Royce to travel to our reception in.

Inside the Reception was glitzy.  Blue uplights on the wall.  Blue fringe curtains sparkled behind the sweet heart table. 


Last but not least, what is a Dreamgirl themed wedding without the Dreams? My bestfriends/bridesmaids/the Dreams performed at the reception! and yes they can sing!

As you can see, this was a very detailed wedding.  I poured my heart into the planning of this wedding, and it felt good to enjoy it on my wedding day.  After my wedding, so many people expressed to me that they had never been to a wedding like mine before.  I also got so many request for me to plan birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers.  My wedding was the start of my love of hosting and planning parties.  So on this page I will share with you guys some tips on ways to plan, decorate, and save money while planning unique themed parties. What are some unique themed parties you have planned or plan on doing? Sound off in the comments below, I can definately give you tips on how to save money and still have a incredible looking party. 

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