Infant, Toddler, and Children Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion trends are all about whimsical and bold patterns, bright colors, stripes, and most importantly comfort.  When shopping for my children clothing I look for my five C fashion attributes before I purchase an Item.

5C Fashion Attributes
  1. The outfit has to have unique Characteristics.  I don't want my children to go somewhere and every child has on their outfit. That is one of my worst nightmares when I go somewhere, so I definitely don't want my children to experience that either.  
  2. The outfit has to be Comfortable.  Children should be able to run and play in their outfits without the hassle of having something on that's too tight, small, big, etc.
  3. The outfit has to be Classy.  I prefer my children to have age-appropriate clothing.  So if the outfit is to revealing, it's stays in the store.
  4. The outfit has to be Cost effective.  I try not to go over a certain amount when shopping for my children.  I expect to pay a little more for special occasion dresses, jeans, quality sets, etc.  But, you won't catch me spending $100 on a single purchase (one outfit); I'm not being cheap, I'm just aware that my children are growing everyday and they are going to grow out of that size in a couple of months.
  5. The outfit has to be Captivating, I have to be drawn to it.  There is nothing like walking into a store, and seeing an outfit that stands out better than the rest. The outfit is simply adorable and you can't pass it up. 
Here are some adorable garments that follow the 5C's of Fashion!

This outfit follows my 5C's of Fashion Rule.  The turquoise and brown legging set is comfortable. It has the flower applique and ruffles on the top, nice characteristics that is very unique.  It's classy, it's age-appropriate for children ages newborn to toddlers.  It's cost effective and it's captivating, the colors follow the trend of bold colors for the fall.

This outfit follows my 5C's of Fashion Rule because it is comfortable.  Even though it's a dress, it has the cute jean jeggings that comes with the dress.  So your child will be able to run, crawl, and play in this Set.  This Set also has some nice characteristics that are unique.  The bold colors, lime green and pink and patterns polka dot and flowers makes this outfit stand out.  The outfit is classy for a child ages newborn to toddler, and it is cost effective and captivating (your child will definitely get a lot of compliments!).

This outfit also follows my 5C's of Fashion Rule.  It has trendy bold patterns like polka dots for the Fall, giving some nice characteristics like the lady bug 3D applique on the dress.  The outfit is also comfortable, your child can wear it to school, church, party, etc.  The outfit is classy, it's age-appropriate for ages toddlers through young child.  It's cost effective and captivating, the 3D ladybug pops out and the tutu is fun and twirly.

Last but not least, this outfit also follows my 5C's of Fashion Rule.  It's has nice characteristics like the black and white stripes keeping up with the latest Fall trends.  This outfit also is comfortable for children,  it has black and white stripe leggings.  The outfit is classy, age-appropriate for ages newborn to toddlers.  The outfit is also cost effective and captivating, the pink heart applique is so girly and spunky at the same time.

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What are some trends or attributes you look for when shopping for your little ones?

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