Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bowtiful Bow-ties!

Who said bow-ties are only for men?  A good way to spice up your family's wardrobe is to add some bow-ties to the mix!  I remember when I was growing up, I thought that bow ties were boring because I only saw them worn by older men.  I saw bow-ties mainly on TV, to represent stereotypical characters like the college professor, the southern gentleman, the crazy scientist, and the distinguished lawyer.  I had no idea that bow-ties can add style, elegance, and charm to not only men, but women and children wardrobes as well.  Some women may shy away from their girls and themselves wearing bow ties because of the stereotypes that I just mentioned, but it's all about how you wear your bow-ties.  When you wear your bow-tie, just give it a feminine twist, and you will see just how bowtiful bow-ties really are! Check out the different ways you can rock a bow-tie!

This look gives a feminine twist to the masculine concept of a man wearing a tuxedo.  To achieve this look, you will need an oxford shirt with a button down collar like this one at JCPenney. You will also need a blazer like this one at Forever 21 or a vest like this one also at Forever 21.  Instead of wearing tuxedo pants, try wearing some faux leather leggings found at TopShop.  Lastly, get a custom made bow tie to complete this look at Adorable Garments or email adorablegarments@gmail.com for a custom look.

To achieve this look on a little girl, try dressing up the bow tie with a cute tutu like this one found at The Children's Place. You will also need an oxford shirt like this one found at Lands' End. Lastly, get your bow-tie and coordinating hair bow custom made at Adorable Garments.
So now you can see that wearing bow-ties is not only for men and boys.  It's all about how you dress up the bow tie to add a little feminine flare! If you still don't believe me, check out these celebrity women with bow-ties.

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