Monday, December 8, 2014

Deck the Halls!

I love everything about this time of year!  I love how everyone is so friendly, I love shopping, I love the Holiday desserts, but most importantly I love the decorations!  My mother is responsible for teaching my sisters and I how to deck the halls for Christmas.  Every Christmas, my mom would incorporate something new for her Christmas Decorations.  She had Santa Mickey and Minnie Interactive Figures, that would move around; she had Christmas villages, Christmas Angels, and Christmas Bears that she would give my sisters and I every year! But most importantly, our Christmas tree was decked out in red and green bulbs, garland, and with clear ornaments that had every family member picture inside.

So now that my sisters and I are adults, we have carried on this same tradition we learned from our mother.  All of my sisters are creative, but I have to showcase my sister Renata decorations!  When entering her home, I was completely blown away, if their was a B.H.H Award (my mom's initials) she would definitely win it this year!  This is the same sister who had the Baby First TV theme party for her one year old this year, click here if you haven't seen the party.  So it shouldn't have been surprising to me that she would create such a beautiful and unique winter wonderland in her home. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself!

When I walked through the front door, this was the image I was presented with.  A real tree decked out with red, green, and gold ornaments! Wrapped with sparkly crisscross ribbon and gold poinsettia flowers!
Up close picture of the ornaments! 
The chandelier had a big red bow and red and green ornaments hanging from the light fixture poles.
Behind the Christmas tree was a picture that my sister wrapped with Christmas wrapping paper with a gold bow (a trick we learned from our mother).
To the right of the Christmas tree was Poinsettias in a drum on top of a display box.
 Inside the display box was an angel with ornaments hanging from thread.  Also, there was glass filled with mini ornaments next to the angel.
 One of my favorite parts of the room was the Selfie Wall! Perfect for teenagers!
 My teenage niece didn't mind taking a selfie for me! She's the Queen of Selfies! Or should I say Princess, her mom is the Queen lol!
Upclose picture of the Selfie Wall
Cardboard box were wrapped and hung on the selfie wall 
The Light Post was lit creating a cozy atmosphere!
A Snowman Banner hung on the Light Post.

 The staircase was decked out in green garland with red, green, and gold accents!
 The door was not exempt from the Christmas Decorations!  It was decked out to resemble a Snowman, how creative!
 The windows had mini red, green, and gold ornaments hanging from them!
Above the walkway entry wall, hung a beautiful wreath with red, green, and gold accents!

 The teenagers love the Selfie Wall, but the little ones loved the train and tracks around the Christmas Tree!
 Underneath the tree was a beautiful train and cotton snow! A beautiful sight!
 My niece Regan couldn't stop saying OOOH!
My daughter Aleyse, was also amazed at the beautiful decorations!
I have to tip my hat to my sister Renata for her Creative Christmas Display!  She definitely is the winner of the B.H.H. Award (my mother's initials) for the best Christmas display in the family this year! I wonder who will win it next year?  My favorite part of the display is the Selfie Wall, what is your favorite part? Chime in below!



  1. It's definitely worth the ooohs and awes Reagan gave out! My favorite part is the selfie wall, it's so current and ready for Christmas parties!

    1. I agree, the Selfie Wall is so unique and picture perfect ready!

  2. Thanks Adorable Garments for awarding me with the BHH award! I feel honored!! We had a lot of fun decorating this room and transforming it to our Christmas room.

    1. You definitely deserve it! Such a beautiful display of Christmas Charm!

  3. Hello! I am writing you here because I did not found a Contact Form...maby my mistake :)
    I nominated your blog to Liebster Awards. Click the link below and follow the steps if you like!

    Best wishes!


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