Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mom's Favorite Things Party

The month of July is a month that is filled with lots of summer fun! It is also the month that I celebrate my mother's birthday.  My family tends to have so much anxiety because my mom is the hardest person to shop for.  Anybody who knows my mother will testify that she has a lot of clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, and purses.  She is a pastor's wife, so she has accumulated so many things over the years.  So when my dad and siblings shop for my mom's birthday we never know what to get her.  This year my dad asked my sisters and I to plan a surprise birthday party for my mom at church.  At first, my sisters and I were skeptical of my dad's idea because we thought she would prefer a more intimate party with only family members. But, the more my dad explained his reasoning behind the party, the more my sisters and I begin to get on board with his vision.  When we started planning my mom's party we could not think of a theme for the party.  We did not have much time to plan and we had limited resources.  We were so stressed out thinking about a particular theme that my mom would love, until my sister Robin said, let's plan a party based on mom's favorite things! We loved that idea and began to brainstorm different things that my mom loves.  After we made our list of her favorite things, we begin to look for items to represent her favorite things from stores, restaurants, and even my mother's house, in which my sister and I had to sneak into her house to get pictures and memorabilia. Once we gathered all the items, we decorated the banquet hall in the church the night before the party.  We managed to surprise my mother, and she was overwhelmed with joy to see all of her favorite things! Here are some pictures of the decorated tables filled with my mom's favorite things.

   This is the Cracker Barrel table! One of my mom's favorite things to do is to eat at her favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel.  The waiters and waitresses know my mom by name, she eats here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The table accessories included items that we found at Cracker Barrel along with southern accessories that I found at Dollar General.
Another thing my mom loves to do is teach! My mother was a stay at home mom for over 20 years.  But recently, she decided to make a difference by becoming a substitute teacher.  She loves encouraging students to be the best they can be!
My mom is a first lady, and one of her favorite prints that she loves to wear is Polka Dot. We got the collectible doll and some of the polka dot items from my mom's house.
Another print my mom loves is leopard! The leopard hats and scarves was taken from my mother's house.

My mother's favorite Holiday is Christmas! She loves to deck her home with lots of folly. We decorated this table with my mother's Christmas table runners and ornaments.
My mom is from Georgia, so she is a Georgia Bulldog fan. We decorated the table with Georgia Bulldog fabric, hat, pom poms, and tulle.
Last but not least, the cake was decorated in polka dot, one of my mom's favorite prints.  The cake was made by The Cake Shop of San jose
What table do you like the best from my mom's favorite things party? 


  1. Those are so adorable! I would love to be able to do that. Coming from MBC! Nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks,You will be surprised what you can do with items around the house.

  2. Love your blog design - so colorful and so much creativity here! I am now following your blog..Please follow me back at http://5littlemonkeys.me

    1. Thanks, I checked out your blog too:) Very Inspiring! I also followed you.


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