Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Amazing Birth Story!

Three weeks ago, something miraculous happened in my family.  My sister who is two years older than me, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This was her fifth pregnancy and she wanted to do something different for this pregnancy.  She delivered her first four babies in a hospital, but for this pregnancy she wanted to experience giving birth in her home with a midwife, surrounded by her family. 

On Friday, February 13th around 4:00am I got a call from my oldest sister telling me that our sister had just given birth to my niece.  She tried to give me the details of the birth over the phone but I was too sleepy to fully understand what she was saying.  I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't, I had to see my sister and my niece.  So I hopped in my car, and drove around the corner to my sister's house.  When I arrived, I was surprised to see my parents already there (they live 30 minutes away).  My niece was so beautiful, and I was over the moon to have a new addition to our family.

After seeing my beautiful niece for the first time, my oldest sister begin to give me the details of her birth.  The birth story begin around 12:30am when my sister woke up with contractions.  She said that the contractions were bearable, and they were about ten minutes apart.  She had so many false alarms with her past pregnancies, that she just wanted to be certain that these were serious contractions.  Then all of a sudden, her water broke, and her contractions began to become more intense.  She immediately woke up her husband, and they called their midwife.  Her midwife lived 30 minutes away, so my brother in-law and my sister knew that the midwife would not make it in time, so they called my oldest sister who also lives in the same neighborhood.  When my oldest sister arrived, the contractions were intense and my older sister felt the need to push.  My brother in-law and my oldest sister had to carry her to the bed, to their surprise the baby's head was beginning to crown.  My oldest sister immediately called 911, and the operator talked her through the birthing process.  My oldest sister begin to tell my brother in-law everything the operator was telling her.  My brother in-law followed the steps carefully and delivered his baby girl at 2:08am.

 Proud Dad with his youngest daughter he delivered!
Mom and daughter
The Midwives

After hearing the story, I begin to give God praise for keeping my sister and niece safe during the delivery process.  I was also amazed at how calm my brother in-law was able stay during this stressful time, he brings new meaning to the phrase "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out" (ha ha ha!) His poor daughter is never going to hear the end of it!  But seriously, it's amazing to see parental instincts kick in, when you're faced with an emergency that's dealing with your children, during those moments you really become super human! So kudos to my brother in-law and oldest sister for staying calm and delivering my beautiful niece!

What are some super human things you have done for your children when faced with an emergency? Chime in below!


  1. Adorable garments you have done it again. Thanks for capturing our precious moment and sharing it! This was an awesome article. Thanks sis!!!

  2. Congrats again. You are such an awesome person and I admire your strengths. God has truly blessed you with an amazing and loving family.

  3. Loving your pictures and the genuine, honest way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!


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