Friday, January 2, 2015

Style Guide for 2015

I love all things fashion!  I love the thrill of finding affordable and good quality items that I can pair with different looks.  At work, my co-workers always ask me, do you wear anything twice?  The answer to their questions is always yes, but the trick is, I never wear the outfit the same way.  I love mix matching my individual garments to create new looks.  It's crazy, because I never pick out what I'm wearing the night before work, I've tried to on several occasions but what tends to happen is me waking up the next morning and not liking what I picked out the night before (crazy, right?).  I think I don't like what I picked out because normally I'm tired and ready to go to bed, so I pick out something to wear in a hurry so I can go to bed (I'm a walking zombie at night).  So to remedy this problem, I wake up thirty minutes earlier, and just sit in my closet.  While I'm siting, I look around my organized closet (all liked items are grouped together) and I may pull a skirt, well once I pull that skirt, I look at my blouses section in my closet and pull a shirt that would complete the look.  Once I find my main look, I may add a blazer or a nice scarf to top off the look.  This may seem complicated for you, but it definitely works for me.

Anybody that has met my sisters and I, always tells us that we look alike.  It's crazy because we may share some of the same features, but we have totally different personalities and styles.  We are diverse in our styles, just as women are diverse in their styles in everyday life.  The cool thing about our diversity, is that each sister has a unique style for the every day women. Our styles coincides with our personalities and they are equally captivating.  We are definitely not braggers, and my sisters are probably going to kill me for writing this blog, but I wanted to share with all of you a Style Guide for 2015 based on four different looks.  I think our styles, represent four different looks that women can relate to.  So here are the looks!

 First off, is my youngest sister! If I can describe her in one word it would be gregarious!  She is very sociable and outgoing!  If my siblings and I are at a party or a gathering without her, everyone is going to ask about her whereabouts.  Her Fashion Sense definitely represents her personality!  Her style is very trendy and preppy, she will rock (wear) an outfit that is current or she may create a look that has never been created (trendsetter).  Either way, she is always on the best dressed list! here are some of her looks.
This is an outfit that my trendy sister wore to work.  To achieve this look, pair a navy blue blazer with a cardigan (wear a fitted tee underneath the sweater), top it off with a neutral colored scarf.  Make sure to wear skinny jeans with over the knee boots to complete the look! This ensemble works well with most body shapes, and can be transformed from work style to out on the town style or date night style!
This second look is nice for work, a business meeting, or church! To achieve this look, you will need a tailored plaid blazer with a cream blouse, top the look off with some high waist navy blue slacks.  This look works well for petite, athletic built, and curvaceous body types.
This trendy style is a great look for Church, Tea Party, or a Women's luncheon.  My younger sister wore this style at Church during our Pastor and Church Anniversary.  To achieve this look, you will  need a black and white striped hat, a black and white striped blazer, white tuxedo shirt with a silk scarf as a tie.  To complete the look, wear contrasting yellow slacks and a black pump to secure this look.

This outfit was worn at a Red Carpet White Linen Affair in Atlanta. This dress is a White Skater belted dress with an open back! This is one of my favorite looks:) This outfit will work well for a cocktail party, red carpet event, or a romantic dinner with hubby or boyfriend.
Next up, is yours truly, Me!!
 I am very conservative and shy natured.  If I can describe my personality in one word it would be reserved! My style is sophisticated chic, If I could raid Olivia Pope's closet from Scandal, I would.  I wore this dress featured above at a romantic dinner with my hubby.  The dressed was purchased from TJ Maxx in the clearance section! and the belt was purchased from Express.  To achieve this look, you will need a half long half short dress, top it off with a belt and stiletto pumps!  This look will works well at a cocktail party, fine dining with hubby or boyfriend, or a winter wedding.

 I wore this look at a Maxwell concert with hubby.  The top is a black chiffon strapless blouse paired with black dress shorts from TJ Maxx.  I completed the look with a two toned blazer from Forever 21 and Donald J. Pliner pumps.  This looks works well with most body shapes, the top definitely hides the mid section.

This last look was taken at church.  This Skater Dress was worn at church for my younger daughter's blessing.  This Skater Dress was paired with a purple cardigan and suede blue pumps (not shown).  This outfit works well for Work, Church, and luncheons!

Next off is my sister who is two years older than me.  If I can describe my older sister in one word it would be individualistic! My sister does not try to fit in with the crowd, she marches to her own beat, she's independent.  Her style reflects her personality, I would describe her style as casual chic.  Her dress code is chic but it has to be comfortable.  She doesn't care to wear flashy or over the top looks, especially if it's not comfortable! Here are some of her looks.

 My older sister I'm referring to is on the right (she has no pictures by herself, she hates taking selfies). On this picture, she is wearing a black top with a connected tie.  She paired the look with a black shimmery vest and black skinny jeans.  She wore black flat over the knee boots to complete this look.  This looks work well for going to the mall with your friends or going on a date to the movies or to play miniature golf.  This look will work for most body types.

This next look was taken at a red carpet event in Atlanta with her hubby.  To achieve this look you will need a black and white strapless top with dressy white shorts. The top has a sash which gives an hour glass effect on your waistline.  She accessorized this look with red accessories and red stiletto heels.  This look works well for a party, date night with hubby or boyfriend, or a red carpet event.

This last look was taken at church.  She wore a multi-colored blouse paired with a navy blue blazer.  She completed the look with coral dressy pants and navy blue pumps.  This look can be worn at work, church, or school. This look also works well for most body types!

Last but not least, is my oldest sister.  My sister has an Artistic Personality. She is very creative, and she can learn a new skill by simply watching someone  (she's a visual learner).  She has learned to braid hair, sew, and apply make-up just by watching others.  If I could describe her style, it would be edgy.  Her style changes quite frequently, because she loves to be on the cutting edge of things.  Here are some of her looks!

 This first look was worn to a wedding rehearsal dinner. To achieve this look, you will need a black lace top with a black cami underneath.  Pair the shirt with khaki green skinny pants and thigh high boots to give you a sexy look.  This look can be worn to a party or on a date night.  This look works well on most body shapes (there are many variations of the lace blouse to compliment body sizes)

This next look was worn at a Red Carpet event in Atlanta GA with her hubby.  To achieve this look, you will need a red fitted dress paired with gold accessories.  This look works well for athletic and curvaceous body types.  This style can be worn at a party, cocktail party, or a red carpet event.

This last look was worn on a date night with her hubby. To achieve this look you will need a black blouse with gold sequins on the sleeve with gold sequined shorts.  This look, works well at a party, girls night out, and date night.  Most body types can achieve this look, the black blouse definitely covers up the midsection.

My sisters are going to probably hurt me for putting up these pictures (most pictures were taken from their facebook pages) but I hope you have found some inspiration for your style in 2015.  By the way, my oldest sister (the last sister featured) has had five kids, two sets of twins and one single, and is still small! I will be featuring her next week, to find out some tips on how she's able to stay in shape after having five kids.  Stay tuned!
Which sister's look do you most identify with or which look or you willingly to try in 2015?  Chime in below:)

PS. This is the lady who has taught us all, our Mother!



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