Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Pinkalicious First Birthday Party!

I can't believe my daughter is already one years old.  It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her. She gave me such an easy birth experience. I literally woke up around 4:30am with contractions, and gave birth to her at the hospital at 6:30am.  It was the complete opposite of my first born, in which I labored for 13 hours.  So it shouldn't be a surprise to me that she is already one, because she entered this world so quickly! 

If you read my blog about my oldest daughter first birthday, then you would know that I plan on having my daughters birthday parties centered around book themes.  My first daughter birthday party was based on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  If you want to see the colorful and creative party click here.  For my second daughter's first birthday, I decided to base the party on the book Pinkalicious!

Pinkalicious is about a girl who loves to eat pink cupcakes that she and her mom made together. Her parents tell her not to eat too many cupcakes but she does not listen.  She eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink. When the pink doesn't wash off, she is told by the doctor to only eat green foods to get better.  But Pinkalicious continues to eat pink foods like watermelon, grapefruit, etc.  She eats so many pink foods that she turns red. When she turns red, she realizes that she does not want to be red, so she eats green foods to become normal again.

Here are some pictures from the party inspired by the Pinkalicious Book!

This is the book that the party was inspired by.
My guest signed my daughter's Pinkalicious book for memories.
These are the Pinkalicious invitations I sent out.  I Purchased them from Etsy
This is a picture of the serving table. The menu consisted of pink foods.  I served Pink Ham, Pink cocktail shrimp, Pink Pasta salad, Pink watermelon, and Pink grapefruit.
Here is a picture of the Pink Pasta.  To turn the pasta pink, I boiled the pasta in water and added two splashes of red food coloring.
All of the guest drank pink lemonade from these pink/sparkly mason jars.  I found the mason jars and lids at Michael's.  I used a 50% off coupon at Michael's and purchased a box of 12 mason jars for $8.00.  I used a recipe online called Princess Punch for the pink lemonade.
I also filled this pink container with pink soft drinks and water with pinkalicious tags that I found here
I used these small pink frames as Food Tags.  I bought the pink frames from Michael's for a dollar.
Up close picture of the centerpieces
I used my daughter's First Birthday photo shoot pictures as centerpieces.  The photographer captured this moment when my daughter picked up the letter O in the word One and put it on her face.
A picture of my daughter and I that was used as a centerpiece.
I hung a timeline of pictures of my daughter's 12 months of growth using a pink feather boa, large pink clothesline pins, and mini chalkboards.  All items were purchased at Michael's.
 A close up picture of the timeline.

 I hung different shades of pink streamers on the wall and I made a birthday banner out of pink poster paper and white letters.
The cake was inspired by Pinkalicious wand in the story.  The cake was made by my favorite bakery The Cake Shop of San Jose. It had pink icing and pink cake with a raspberry wash.
The girls took home these sparkly pink gift bags filled with pinkerific treats!  The boys took home an anecdote for pinkitis, green treats.  I forgot to take a picture of their party favors, but I got the idea from

 Last but definitely not least, my daughter wore a beautiful custom made Pinkalicious Shirt and Tutu from an Etsy shop called Audrinascloset
I must say my daughter had a Pinktastic time! To see her smile and enjoy herself was priceless!
What was your best pink detail of the party? Chime in below with your comments!
















  1. Awesome theme! We also had a great time with Aleyse! This was by far one of the best birthday parties we've been to.

    1. Thanks Renata:) you set the bar high with your fabulous Baby First TV theme party for your little one.


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