Monday, January 19, 2015

Five Kids, Fabulous, and Fit! Part 3

This has been an amazing experience!  As you can tell I love my sisters, and we are truly best friends.  I have learned so much more about my oldest sister during this process, and I am truly inspired to live a more healthier lifestyle.  She has taught my sisters and I not only through her words of wisdom but through her actions.  She has five kids, but she has not let that fact make her wear mommy jeans and let herself go.  She has shown us that it is important to take care of yourself spiritually, mentally and physically so you can be a better you and when you are a better you then you can be a better wife and mother.

On the past post, I introduced my sister and how she gave birth to five kids, two sets of twins and a singleton (click here, if you haven't read the information), on the previous post, I shared with you how my sister stays fabulous through healthy eating (click here, if you missed it) and on this post I will show and tell you how my sister stays fit by working out at the gym. I interviewed my sister about her workout schedule, and I shadowed her two Saturdays ago at her gym to see how she works out Monday through Friday for an hour and a half.  So check it out, how my sister stays Fit by working out at the gym Monday through Friday!

When I saw this picture of my sister, I was in shock.  I'm going to have to think twice about what I say and do when we have a disagreement lol.

On Monday, coming off a long weekend with no exercise, my sister starts with cardio.  She does the treadmill in intervals, 30 seconds of sprinting and 30 seconds of rest (jogging).  She rotates the intervals for 15 to 20 minutes.  Once she is finished with the treadmill she goes into her leg day. Leg Day and Cardio is typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she works on hers legs and Gluteus Maximus (Buttocks), and she does all of her exercises in 4 Sets.  Leg day is her favorite part of her work-out regimen because she has more strength in her legs and she also loves toned legs! 

 On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday she works on Leg Curls.

On Leg Days, she does the Leg Extensions on the Smith Machine. 

She also does the Leg Press.
On Leg Day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), she does squats with weights. It not only works out the legs, but it's a whole body exercise (buttocks, quadriceps, etc.)
 She does Deadlifts, which works the Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings among other things.
She also does Cable Leg Extensions on Mondays and Wednesdays.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she gives her legs a break and work on upper body strength. She works on her biceps and triceps and Back (On Thursdays, she focuses on her shoulders as well).  She does the Bench Press which targets her chest and arms.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she also does the Seated Back Rows. Which works out your back and biceps.

She does the Cable Arm Curls, which works out your biceps.

She also does the Tricep Cable Pushdown which works out your tricep muscles.

  Everyday of the week she incorporates specific Ab workouts (even though a lot of the exercises that she does work out your abs as well.)  Above she is shown doing Ab pull-ups. 
She also will do sit-ups to work out her Ab muscles.
On Saturday and Sunday she takes a break from her work-out regimen and hang out with her husband and kids; and then on Monday the work-out schedule begins again.  My sister also explained to me that she started this work-out regimen in August when all of her kids started school.  Before the second set of twins started school, she would incorporate exercises using the twins.  She worked out with my sisters doing Zumba on the Wii game system, she also would take youngest twins on a stroller ride around the neighborhood, and she would also run a trail in her neighborhood.
I hope this series has inspired you, reinforced what you are doing, or gives you the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle!  I like the fact that my sister work-out regimen has evolved based on changes in her life.  I think it is a true testament for all women, that it doesn't matter what stage in life you are in, their are always things you could do to become a healthier you!
I know that I am truly inspired to incorporate more exercises in my daily life and choose healthier foods for my family and I.  I want to personally thank my sister for sharing with us her secret, she's a private person, and she doesn't like a lot of hoopla about things she is doing.  But I know that her testimony can and will help someone who was thinking like me, saying to themselves, I don't have time to exercise because I have (too many) children.
I hope you enjoyed this series! Tell me what you like most about the series Five Kids, Fabulous, and Fit!  Chime in below!





  1. I definitely can't fall off the wagon after this series lol, so I now have new motivation! Thanks again sis!

  2. I'm looking forward to dropping baby #5 so Robin can help me get my sexy back!! You look amazing sis!!!!!

  3. I gotta get back on point. You look great!

  4. I'm inspired to work out and stay healthy. There truly are benefits to incorporating a consistent health & fitness regimen into your lifestyle...


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