Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Five Kids, Fabulous, and Fit Part 2

On Part One of this series Five Kids, Fabulous, and Fit, I shared with you my oldest sister story of how she came to give birth to five kids (if you haven't read her birth story click here ).  Her story is truly amazing, and sometimes I forget how unique her story is until a random person at the mall approaches her and say, "You have two sets of twins, how do you do it?" that question is also followed by, "It doesn't look like you had five kids, what's your secret? That's why I felt the need to feature my oldest sister on my blog, to answer that burning question, What's your secret?

On this blog, which is Part 2, I am going to reveal how my oldest sister stays fabulous through healthy eating.  She is not on a diet, she chooses to make healthy lifestyle changes when eating that makes a positive difference in her overall well being.  To find out how she make these changes, I asked my sister to go grocery shopping and show me the different foods she purchases at the Grocery Store.  My sister was kind enough to stop by my house after she went grocery shopping and show me some of her staples for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.  I also interviewed my sister to find out her schedule when eating.  So without further ado, here is how to stay fabulous through Healthy Eating by my oldest sister!

When Interviewing my sister, she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  She normally eats breakfast at 8:15 or 8:30am after her kids are dropped off to school.  She may start her breakfast with oatmeal with almond butter or peanut butter inside then she adds cinnamon and Stevia in the Raw (zero calorie sugar) for sweeteners.  She uses cinnamon because it has many health benefits (to see how cinnamon can benefit you click here ). 

She rotates her breakfast daily, so she may eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter or she may eat whole wheat toast or whole wheat tortillas with eggs, spinach, and a turkey patty with a splash of hot sauce for seasoning (to find out the benefits of hot sauce click here).  My oldest sister never skips out on breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and it gets her metabolism going ( to learn how breakfast can boost your metabolism, click here).  It's during breakfast that she will eat the heaviest, she eats more foods during breakfast than any other mealtime throughout the day.  So it can be a bowl of oatmeal, along with turkey bacon and spinach.

She eats snacks throughout the day.  For Snack, she may eat almonds or any type of nut, Greek yogurt, a cucumber, banana with peanut butter, or if she has a sweet tooth she may eat Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli Twilight Delights.

When it's lunchtime, she has already come back from the gym so she drinks a protein shake (from GNC) which helps build and maintain her muscle.  After she drinks her protein shake, she may have a salad with chicken breast, spinach, carrots, and avocado drizzled with apple cider vinegar, hot sauce or olive oil .  Or she may have some other type of protein like fish with spinach on whole wheat wraps.  Her lunch is usually proteins, vegetables, and very low carbohydrates.

She eats her carbs during the earlier parts of the day, so for dinner, she has totally weaned off carbs.  She eats more leaned meats like different types of fish (salmon), chicken, etc. and she loads up on vegetables. 

She also takes different types of vitamins.  She takes Fish Oil, because the omega fatty acids in the fish helps to keep your brain, bones, overall body healthy.  She takes multivitamins, probiotics,  and CLA (which is a natural acid, click here for more information). 

For drinks, she does not drink any fruit juices because she does not believe in wasted calories.  She drinks a lot water, her goal is a gallon of water a day.  She doesn't always meet that goal but it is her expected goal every day. Also, when making smoothies or shakes she uses Almond Milk.
Here are some dishes that my sister cooks during dinner time. 

My sister likes to use fresh vegetables when cooking

She also likes to use Coconut Oil when sautéing vegetables.
Broccoli is one of her favorite veggies.  The broccoli is mixed with red and green peppers.
 This is one of her favorite choices for dinner or lunch. Stemmed broccoli with roasted chicken.  She uses Miss Dash seasoning to taste.  Protein and vegetables is mainly on her plate.
She also makes turkey patties using ground turkey seasoned with Miss Dash Herb Seasoning and pan seared with a little olive oil.  She will eat the turkey patties with a salad or as a burger using 100%whole grain buns.
My sister has cheat days, during the weekend she may have a couple of slices of pizza with her family.  Also during the week or weekend, if she is craving chocolate, she will eat dark chocolate or put that chocolate with Greek yogurt to make her own concoction of ice cream.  She does not go out for fast food, however, she will go out to a restaurant and have whatever she wants.  Even though she has cheat days, she tries to keep them to a minimum. 
I hope this interview has given you inspiration to continue to eat healthy or join the healthy eating lifestyle.  I know that I have learned a lot and plan to use these healthy tips for my family in 2015.  Who knew that hot sauce has health benefits, I'm also going to grab some CLA vitamins!  If you enjoyed this article, then you don't want to miss part 3 of this series, Staying Fit.  You will see what my sister does in the gym to stay Fit!  To be Continued.....




  1. Love it sis! This interview was so much fun!

    1. I learned so much by interviewing you! Thanks again:)

  2. Great tips Robin. You have definitely made this a lifestyle! Another great read Brett!!!

    1. I agree, she has made this into a nice healthy lifestyle:)

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  4. Brett, I know I may be the only "guy" reading and posting to your blog but I'm truly proud of you and your feature of Robin's healthy lifestyle. It's an inspiration to us all...


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