Saturday, November 29, 2014

Give Back Saturdays Part 1

On my Thanksgiving post, I mentioned that my family and I made a vow to give back to our community every Saturday this Holiday Season.  Well, today marks the first Saturday my family and I made an act of kindness for someone else that's not family or friends.  I am a giver by nature, and I never brag or let other people know when I sow into someone's life.  But this holiday season, I want to do more, by shedding light to the power of giving!  I want people to know different ways they can give back to their communities and become a blessing for people who are less fortunate.

When I think about people who are less fortunate than myself, I don't picture people who are lazy and down and out.  I picture ordinary people, who have had some series of unfortunate events, that has placed them in tough times.  I believe that any of us could be in their shoes if it wasn't for the grace of God. 

I remember when I was a child, my father would tell my siblings and I to get the Toys R Us Ad and circle the toys that we wanted.  My siblings and I would present our list to my dad, and he would get almost every item that we asked for.  On Christmas morning, my dad would separate everyone's toys on their own sofa, and we would scream and sing my mom and dad praises.  But one particular Christmas, my dad fell on hard times.  My dad was the sole provider of our family (my mom was a stay at home mom) and he had a series of unfortunate events that year that caused Christmas to be a burden for him.  I remember my dad telling us that money was tight, and we wouldn't get a lot this year.  But in my heart, I didn't believe him, I just knew I would get everything I asked for.  On Christmas day, my sibling and I woke up to find not many items under the tree or on the sofa. I became so upset, I remember saying, this is it? Where's my CD Player? I don't like this outfit! My dad was so upset with me, I remember him saying, you are ungrateful! You don't know what  sacrifices I made to get these items!  The only sibling that said thank you, was my baby sister.  I felt so horrible, I felt like a spoiled brat.  My dad left the living area upset and went to his bedroom. My mom told my siblings and I that we should be thankful because their are some children, who didn't get a Christmas at all, and that gifts is not what Christmas is all about.

I learned a very important lesson that year that has stuck with me in my adult years, to be thankful for what you have and to be blessing to others who do not have.  These are the lessons that my husband and I are teaching our daughters and I was so happy to start a tradition with them today!  So on this Give Back Saturday, my family and I visited the YMCA to pick from the Angel Tree. 

I found out by the Angel Tree program from the Salvation Army website.  The Salvation Army partners with businesses who provides trees with wish list from children who names are anonymous.

Each paper has a wish list from a boy or girl.  It tells you what they are in need of and what toys or books that they are interested in.  Once you get the wish list, you purchase the items on the list and give the items back to the business you got the list from (I would give my items to the YMCA).
My older daughter chose a wish list from the tree.
My younger daughter also chose a wish list from the tree.
It was such a great experience giving back as a family!
I am so happy that I am teaching my children the Power of Giving! Please join my family and I by participating in #givebacksaturdays let me know how you and your family will give back to your community:)
If you are interested in the Angel Tree program and you live in Northeast Florida, Please call (904) 301-4782 for more information about what businesses are participating in the Angel Tree program. You can also visit their website at

If you do not live in Northeast Florida, please visit the national Salvation Army website at type in your area code or city and state and find your local Salvation Army.  Look under ways to give, and see if the Angel Tree program is available at your local Salvation Army.


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