Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to survive a Photo shoot with Children!

When I think about my childhood, I can't recall how many photo shoots I was a part of.  My pictures consisted of studio shots from Olan Mills, Sears, School pictures and random shots taken by my dad using his camera. I can't imagine being a child today, not only do they take pictures the traditional ways that I was accustomed to, but now they have parents who have built in cameras in their cell phones.  My kids are constantly being photographed by their dad and I. If I see my children doing something they have never done before or making cute faces, I'm the first to get my cell phone to snap a picture or video tape the sacred moment.

You would think my children were pros when it came to taking professional pictures, because the amount of pictures they take with their dad and I.  But when it's time to take professional pictures, it takes them awhile to get adjusted to the person who is taking the pictures and the environment they are taking the picture in.  I have learned through trial and error, what helps my children have a successful photo shoot without screaming and crying the entire time.  So here is some advice from a parent who has made plenty of mistakes when planning photo shoots.

  1. Schedule the Photo Shoot first thing in the morning before naptime or in the evening after nap time.  If you schedule the photo shoot around noon, when your child is sleepy, he or she may be too cranky and you and the photographer may be subject to temper tantrums.
  2. If your child is really shy and timid, try scheduling the photo shoot at your home.  Now a days, photographers can set up a back drop in your home or capture moments around your home.  This can help your children to become more relaxed because they are in a familiar setting, which can produce more memorable moments.
  3.  Some children don't like the studio setting.  If your child is the happiest when they are outside, then take the photo shoot outside.  Have the photographer to meet you  at a local park, farm, beach, or even your back yard, you will be surprised at how natural and happy your children will look.
Here are some pictures my family and I have taken in each one of the listed suggestions above:

 This picture of my oldest daughter was taken in a studio around 10 in the morning before nap time.  We did not tell her to pose like this, she was almost a year old, and at this age children love to put things in their mouths.  
 This picture was taken outside at a local farm in their corn field.  This was actually my maternity photo shoot for my second born.  I love the pictures because they are rustic and natural looking. 

This picture was taken at my home in my youngest daughter's bedroom.  My daughter was a couple of days old and I did not want my newborn to take pictures in a studio because she was so young.  So the photographer met me at my house and captured this memorable moment.
What are some suggestions that are not listed that you have when preparing for a photo shoot with children?



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