Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Festival!

I love this time of year! I love everything about the Fall, I love how the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and the extra hour that we gain of sleep (daylight saving time ends!). What I like the most about this time of year is the many activities that you can do with your family.  Recently, my family and I attended a Fall Festival.  The Fall Festival was filled with so many kid friendly activities, like a Hay Ride, Bouncy Houses, Petting Zoo, and a mini Park.  They also had a concession stand that offered grilled corn, hot dogs, slushy cups, baked pretzels, and my favorite, funnel cake!  I thought my toddler would be in Playtime Heaven with all the many activities to get into, but she was so reserved, she only attempted to play if I or her father was standing directly beside her.  But I knew what would get her up and moving, a visit to the concession stand!  After she shared a funnel cake with me, she was ready to play, she got in the bouncy house all by herself and jumped until she was tired.  At the end of our time at the Fall Festival, I had the girls pick out a little pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch as a souvenir.  All and all, we had a fun time as a family at the Fall Festival! We created more memories and we got to spend quality time together.

 Here are some tips when planning a Fall activity for your family:

  1. Do a google search on children activities in your city.  For example, I googled children activities and my city name.
  2. Make sure your children are dressed comfortably.  I made sure my girls wore jeans and sneakers so they could run and play comfortably.
  3. Go at a time when your children are well rested, either before nap time, or after nap time.
  4. Take a lot of pictures to document the many memories you are creating as a family! Here are some of the many memories I caught on camera with my family:)

    My oldest daughter played in the mini House at the Fall Festival.
    The house had a kitchenette!
    The Petting zoo had goats, roosters, ducks, and pigs!
    You could feed the goats!
    There were bouncy houses for older and younger kids! My oldest daughter loved the bouncy house!
    There were also nice photo props!
    My youngest daughter also enjoyed herself, don't let this face fool you! lol
    Towards the end of the trip, we enjoyed a Hay Ride as a family!
    At the end of the trip, my daughters picked out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!
    What are some memorable moments you shared with your family at a Fall Festival?  What are some fun activities that you plan for your family in the Fall?

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