Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Adorable Garments is Officially opened

I am pleased to announce the opening of my online Children's Boutique, Adorable Garments!  I am a lover of all things fashion, and now that I have two little girls, my love for fashion has really expanded.  It's easy finding deals and steals for myself.  People always ask me, where do I get my clothes from or they will say, I know you paid good money for that outfit.  But little do they know, I purchase my clothes from so many places, like consignment shops, Forever 21, Topshop (online store), ASOS (online store), Ann Taylor loft, etc.  The trick is pairing your tops, skirts, and pants with some of your more quality items, rather it be some really nice shoes, accessories, or a quality garment.  But this philosophy became tricky when I had two little girls.  I am a working mom (teacher), so it's hard for me to shop for my kids over the weekend. It's easier shopping over the summer because I am out of school, I'm with my children all day.  So when the weekend comes, I'm happy to have some me time; I'll leave my husband and kids and go out and shop with my sisters and mother.  But when I go back to work for the Fall, Winter, and Spring, I want to spend my weekends with my family.  My daughters who are 2yrs. old and 10 months are in childcare from 7:30am to 4:30pm, so they spend the majority of their weekdays at school.  So over the weekend, I don't want to take them with me shopping, especially if I want to hit up several stores because I will have to take out the stroller, put it back in the car, shop before nap time (my 2yr. old is in the terrible two stage, she needs her naps lol), it becomes exhausting.  But if I leave them home, I feel like I'm missing valuable time with them, especially because they are so young.  So this was my dilemma every weekend, should I go or should I stay.  It was because of this dilemma, that Adorable Garments was formed.  I find it easier, to shop online for deals, so I wanted to create a website that would give parents affordable, adorable, and age-appropriate clothing for their little ones without the hassle of missing quality time with their families. It has been a long journey from when I started in June, but I am so happy because my hard work has paid off! Here are some behind the scene pictures of my photo shoot debuting clothes from Adorable Garments Children's Boutique!
 It was crazy trying to get all of the toddlers to be still to take the pictures.  As you can see, this little cutie was tired. She was like, please get it together people lol

 It was a playground in front of this lot, so this little cutie was pointing to the playground, she was ready to play. Enough of the pictures already! lol
 Thank goodness for parents and grandparents who helped the photographer and myself with their precious children!

What are some brands and trends you will like to see more in Kids Fashion? Sound off below in the comments section:)

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